We are all co creating an entrepreneurial paradigm that is about individual input and collaborative team building. It is about allowing your inner light to shine and being seen for what makes you uniquely you, the sacred gifts you were born with - the uniqueness that probly made you a liability as a child will be your greatest asset now. Don't worry about what others think in comparing themselves to you because you are a renegade world shifter changemaker visionary thinker.

CEOS will be obselete. There will be Empresses of Empires (thanks to my friend Elisa for that phrase), Queens of Queendoms, sovereignty and leadership yes but there will not be hierarchy. There will be planetary orbits :: a main celestial body that is orbited by other celestial bodies, all things in their wholeness but all in equalness neither higher nor lower.

Be in your sovereignty now for your grace is your greatest teaching. Be in your being-ness and your blissness but not at the expense of others. Be in your humility to the degree that you are unafraid to bend at the knee, but not to the level that you sacrifice your own sovereign gifts for some misguided humbleness. You hiding your sacred light is not humble it is selfish. Playing small helps no one. Self victimization does not help the very real victims of war, poverty, abuse, disenfranchisement. Your self victimhood and self imposed guilt and shame will not alchemize a new reality of peace.

You must rise up in the pride and power of being who you are, your sovereign birthright as a divine cocreator, the knowing within you that realizes itself as a child of God, knows nothing less and nothing more than the infinity and equality that is Being Human.