READ, the oracles

Know Your Grace

Greetings Dear Ones! We come to you live and ready to serve the 3-dimensional awareness of your Mind-State Being. There are low-vibrational entites, energies of lower density leaving you, yes... but this story is more... This story is unfolding now... as we speak, across many timelines.

I see you anchored now, anchored now in your sovereignty but there is more...

There is something else, someone else,

a shadow lurking behind you.

Who is it?

Who is this shadow?

Is this your own low self-worth?

Your own persistence that things can’t be “good”, “in flow”, “happy”, all of the time? That life could not be consistently joyful? This does not mean you never experience, see or witness anger, sadness or fear, but you SEE it and KNOW it, feel and HEAR it for what it is - a Call for Love, and nothing more. An action, a direction, an INVITATION to LOVE! What could be greater or more darling, than an invitation to love, yet another holy letter to answer, a place to direct your wise teachings and holy grace? 

What is this resistance in you toward knowing your Grace daily?

What holds you back from living a life of power and purpose?

How are you, a free human, willfully and willingly tying your own hands behind your back?

Use your hands now, to touch your body, touch your skin, remind yourself of your next-of-kin. Remind yourself you are a constellation, within the Family of Light, a larger constellation of awareness that is activating Planetary Awareness for All.

Remind yourself daily, when caught in the chains of mind-control, remind yourself daily to B R E A K FREE.

In BREAKING FREE! You know your sovereignty. In BREAKING FREE! You know your grace.

You cannot get others to break you free... you can only release yourself.

Others are simply the reflection of your own Heart’s True Awakening. If your heart is still clinging, holding onto baggage of the past or a persistent viewpoint of the future and what it is supposed to be, you will know error and disruption.

Allow yourself to Surrender to What is. Surrender to the Unknown and the Unknowing. Surrender to the Grace and the Chaos. Allow the Mess to splatter, splash and play like waves and pools of water at your feet. Be a Child now. Know your grace.