In Heavenly Remembrance ::: Stargate Transmission

I AM the way, the Law and the Word... You have heard these terms before, have you not?

You have felt the Holy Grail in your blood and bones, have you not?

We return now to an Era of Sovereignty, a mass global awakening on an unprecedented level.

It is possible for us now all to elevate into a Greater Understanding of Purpose - of that which Is True Now, Evermore, Forever.

Past-Present-Future Histories align and combine in Holy Resonance to reveal the truth.

You reunite with former lovers... life partners... Holy Unions Combine to give weight, depth, and intention to all Sacred Undertakings. You align with your partner and your brothers and sisters. You align with your family on every level: Your Soul Family in the Stars, Your Blood Family on the Ground, Your Soul Sisters and Brothers in the Ground, Your Ancestral Awareness. The Whispers of Trees and the Soil.

We are with you now, dear child, guarding and guiding you on this process... the Journey to Awakening.... Not Awakening as a Fixed Point... but Awakening others... (Image of a priestess walking along a path, and each person she walks by transforms through Her Presence)


When you do not --when you are in resistance to it, for whatever reason, be it soul-level, blood-level or ground-level, you will know un-peace and un-rest in your psyche.

How are you resisting your soul’s mission now?
What is being asked of you to recieve blessings now?

What are you being asked to LET GO OF? What are you being asked to RECEIVE?

Challenging questions as they are they will make it so much easier to know Fluidity and a State of Being of Grace.

To KNOW YOURSELF as God or Divine or Goddess... This is not an egoic, posturing Messiah Complex. This is simply an enactment of a State of Being that you have known for centuries. You are a Divine Feminine Gateway and have been for a millenia. You have known Holy Resonance through the ages and your wombspace is a Keeper of Secrets. You are the holder of Divine Delights, of Heavenly Awareness and Celestial Undertakings that are no longer pinned to time, space, deity or distinction.

We know you as Co-Creator for we have designed this plan with you... We are your Intergalactic Team yes, but WE are also YOU. Know yourself as Co-Creator now by REMEMBERING THAT YOU EXIST SIMULTANEOUSLY IN THE HIGHER REALMS AS YOU DO IN THE ‘LOWER’ OR ENACTMENT PLACES.

There are places of design and there are places of enactment... They are holy heavenly frequencies and there are “satanic” or “devilish”, evil places where true evil and torture exists on your earthly Plane. The task now is to ameliorate all suffering. It is to align and anchor Heavenly Bodies within the space of the Earth so that ALL of EARTH can be elevated to this Enactment of Co-Creation, Co-Creator-ship.

Call it a divine Play.... An orchestral organization of Selfhood Across Time and Space... This is a Star Trek experience... This is a deep remembering... This is a Holy Alliance beyond Time and Space.

Know your Life Partner as someone who is here to spark your fire and you his. Know your Life Partner as someone who is there as both kindling and flame, both fireplace and firestarter. Both the snuffer and the wood. Both the vessel, the chalice and the blade. Both sword and sheath. Both Key and Feather.

We are knowing ourselves now as beyond Gender Distinctions, beyond heavenly awareness in BODY TYPES. We allow ourselves to be seen in Glorious Form as variant aspects of Each Other, no more OTHER except when in Psyche Matrix Unrealities. There is no more other. You ARE each other. You ARE WE and WE are YOU.

This is too mystical for you? This is only the beginning. Is this too out there, too much of a stretch, too much of a Realization for your feeble mind? Allow your Mind to Expand. Your mind is not a stagnant place. It is not a machine to be tweaked, fixed and programmed. It is not a container to be filled. Your mind is an ever-expanding matrix of healing and delight. It can be used for purposes of fulfillment or used for purposes of destruction. It can be used to control and manipulate others or it can be used to celebrate and uplift. It is a divine tool that can be used for evil means. It is your choice.

Use the POWER OF THE MIND now.... Use the POWER OF THE MIND to ACTIVATE and INSTILL within yourself a HOLY STATE OF BEING. This means that all “Mundane” tasks are now infused with a lightness and a gratitude. It means all “exciting” tasks can now be elevated to an even higher status of being one-with-all-that-is. So no one task, activity, undertaking, human doing or being can be elevated over Another. and in Doing so you also elevate the characters in your life... You elevate the roles you play... You elevate Each Other by REMEMBERING your task in this life. To be in equaniminity, shared Leadership, Co-Creatorship Divine Feminine Uprising.

The Uprising of the Divine Feminine now is not a genderless quest nor a gendered one. It is a state of being that is united with masculine and feminine. Through uniting the masculine and feminine polarities within all we know peace. We are still sweeping the well, clearing the well, healing the mind and healing the world of the effects of “patriarchy”, “toxic masculinity” and so forth.

The New Masculine is an alliance of Heaven and Earth, a new Feminine Rising in Union with Female & Male Counterparts. It is both beyond gender and of both genders. It is a tri-ad of heavenly father, mother and holy spirit. It is beyond and both and neither. It is a holy union of “Self”, “other”, and All.

Know Yourself as Co-creator of this Heavenly Union... Know Yourself as Completed and Completing of the Task at hand... Focus on the task at hand... Allow all things to flood, filter into, infuse into your dealings this Divine Quest... and all will be well in your life always and evermore.


In heavenly remembrance with your divine origins.

Your Intergalactic Gatekeepers and Gateways to the 9th Dimensional Heavenly Awareness

Heavenly Bodies instilled with Celestial Delights

Anchor Points Realized

Violet Flame Journey Begins

and so it is Amen

Aho Blessed be

Rainbow Keepers Warriorship of 8th-Dimensional Awareness Heavenly Bodies

Mayan Origins -- Mayan Gatekeepers -- Welcome Wagon of the Starport Gate