Greetings fire children we come to you with a spark of divine awareness, a recognition of Self, that is Holy and Becoming and New…We ask you to ignite your full-force Now, to be in Full Force, in tandem in divine union with your Soul Destiny Point and all of the Guides and Anchor Points that are around you facilitating this journey for you… We’re resisting this Liberation through the poewrs of Compartmentalization and C O N T R O L...

Romantic Love:::

There’s been this Portal of Awareness, Group Initation Activations the past 3 months about landmines of relationships: control, resistances, unreality, matrix of Self... when all of these things bump up against each other…We’re all seeking the same thing, that symmetry union trust-love-compassion-understanding but we are quick to demand it from others before giving of it to others. We are quick to demand it from others before giving OF it TO others… Love is simply one stream of this vast ocean and reservoir… may not be in the same container but its of the same substance and that is KEY to Realize, Know and Remember.. it is of the same substance as divine will and divine knowing…family love sisterly love brotherly love romantic love… 

3rd Eye Point Healing/Use EFT/tapping on 3rd eye with “reprogrammer" reiki symbol to facilitate :::

This Band of Light is really activating around this now around our conceptualization of Love as “other” and “Self” and then Love between these two people, its so much bigger and greater than that. Whoever is embodying that for you now, this Person in front of you that you are Loving, that you are being called to LOVE, is not a representation of what you can “have” or “know” and “be”, it is a representation of YOU, simply a Mirror Reflection of YOU and your own grace and beauty and strength embodied in a different form. That is all it is. 

Our holdings of self as “other” - this is the origin of “separation consciousness”, the origin of all suffering is separation from Self and other, the concept of Other, there is no “other” we are all Each Other, we are all one-another, we are all She, She is we, we are She, we are All being, in this Constellation of Awareness of She the one Goddess the one Creatrix the one Constellation of Awareness that is Gaia that is our Starseed Awakening Lively Starlit Awareness.

We ask you now dear child, listener… realize self as Other is YOU. We’re reprogramming that self as other, remembering that “self” is you that you are the “self”… and allowing that o-word.. we’re letting the word “other” just FADE. 

Prayer for Shiva/Shakti and M/F romantic relationships ::: 

“I’m allowing myself to remember that I am His Mirror and He is Mine, we are HE and SHE together, we are Divine, Constellations of Awareness in Holy Union Heart’s Breath Awakening Sacred Union, a Holy Divine Quest of Love of the Mother, Love for All and Love for Unity.” 

There is a union of divine feminine and sacred masculine that is capable of our knowing and awareness of our embodiment now… it is not simply the divine feminine quest sisterhood call we are here.. it is that very much so, but that roar has been sounded… that clarion call, that call to awakening has been rung. The Bell Has Been Rung.

And the greater still, bell, that’s the vast church bell, the larger bell of Knowledge and Awareness, is the UNION of masculine and feminine, the UNION of the masculine and feminine within ourselves within One Self, that allows us to see the person as not Other, but Another Aspect of Oneself.

 And so the journey to get there is one of… 

  • we heal the shadow wounds of mother
  • we forgive the mother we forgive the father
  • we forgive them for who they are what they did or did not do
  • we accept them and have compassion forgiveness and grace
  • we release the father mother wounds within ourselves

And in doing so we no longer attract shadow figures from our past.. we no longer attract detractors and defeators of our self-esteem ... we begin to attract SUPPORTERS beacuse WE are in Sacred Union within Ourselves and WE are in Balance within Ourselves…

Balancing Masculine/Feminine Energies ::: 

Symmetry Union Awareness in of itself acts as a Key that lights this torch inside you, and that is the Eternal Flame, this 3-fold flame of Christ Consciousness, this Sacred Heart that we’re all talking about... the Truer awakening, the Higher awakening, is not simply a divine feminine awakening it is a soul-deep emergence of Self as Other Realized, as Mirror, as Sacred Heart in True Awareness. In full portal of self, in Full Activation of Self as Spirit, Heart-Open, Beaming Radiant, radiating outward… to others… to each other…