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I believe that cultivating an unbreakable spirit is crucial to our evolution. I believe action borne of a higher vision of peace is the greatest action of all. I believe that unity is possible - that unity already exists - that we are already living in an intrinsically connected universe.

I believe that we all carry within us strands of the Christ DNA -- the capacity to be endlessly loving and compassionate no matter who or what we lay our eyes on. I believe that a flame carrying all the power of creation lies within each of our hearts. I'm a romantic, a light-bearer, a soul-stirrer-- I'm here to remind you that you are powerful, you have always been powerful and nothing can ever take that away. NOTHING! 

I believe seeing beyond the appearance of difference and seeing every being as uniquely sacred and interconnected is the way to peace. I believe the absence of this knowing is the root of all tyranny, division and oppression. I believe that the realization of our dependence on each other and on nature will bring peace on earth. 

I believe that you, too, hold a vision of peace in your own mind, as clear as day. You hold the perfect blueprint for a destiny of love and abundance for all.

What does that vision look like?
How can you enact it TODAY, instead of waiting for the carpet to be rolled out ahead of you?

I believe in you and I believe in us, and I believe in the power of love to prevail over anything that should dare threaten it -- now more than ever.