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“You my sweet child are just as powerful if not more powerful beyond the power of scope and thinking, beyond fame and fortune and name, beyond archetype and costume, beyond stage smoke and fog and mirrors, beyond sparkle and hands and glitter pallets, beyond it all lies you, the seed, the pearl, the divine essence of godliness within and without.” —St Germain


“Seek not for an earthly prophet seek the prophet within you... Seek and know the knower and the knowing within you... You are contained within us and us within you... Dont you see? We are oceans of oceans, lives of lifetimes, we are the quaking notion of your unreality brought forth once again to return to its true magnificence of pure God Light.”  —St Germain


“There is no God Awakening there is only the Knowing that is within you. This purification process of which you speak, the awakening or the ascension process, awakening is simply to be alive, to be asleep is to be in the slumber of your own un-life, to live and be love is to quite naturally and organically be pulled in the direction of expansion and effervescent forever change….”