You Are An Artist

by nature of being a Creator Being

You are God-given


We All have gifts

We ARE a gift.


As divinely-led Creator Beings we each have a sacred gift, a pathway that is essential for the healing trajectory of this planet. When you unite your will in tandem with your Destiny Point.... all things are possible.

What work are you awaiting, holding aloft until "the right time", "the right way"?

Perhaps, destiny is waiting for you.

There is a Unified Field of Consciousness available to you.... a Vast Field of awareness.... endless bounty and creativity... Delight in the Musehood and the Inspiration that lies there....

Attach not your ideas... Do not give OWNERSHIP before there is even SELF-ACCEPTANCE.

The process of creativity is to draw down something, to draw inwardly something that feels external but is of course in and of you already. If it is in your consciousness you can build it into form.

As you reach into this portal.... as a hand reaches into a body of water hanging in the sky... you can access many gifts.

This is a Garden of Earthly Delights. It is a bounty of Heavenly Kingdom proportions.

There is no limit to what you can create. There is no ownership, no identity, no distinction between Self and Other. It is all US and it is all OURS.

Have you ever had an idea and then seen it manifest through another person almost immediately?

Have you ever held an idea in trust... thinking or waiting to do it... and then you see it take shape through another person, close to you? 

How frustrating, yes? 

This is not a lesson in thievery or theft or responsibility or taking action... but a reminder that as a continuum of Spirit... as a Shared Soul... as part of something greater... an Aspect of One Great Soul... we Are All uniting in tandem with this "collective consciousness", as it is called, to realize greater and greater creativity manifestations.

What are you holding in the sidelines waiting to perform?

What you waiting in the wings to do before a light shines on you to do so?

What if you are the spotlight you seek?

What if you are the playing field, and the game, and the players?

Go forth now and do as ye will. Make the abundance necessary and make the essential creativity. Make the sustenance and support you need be anchored in the truth of your heart's reality. Wait not for the support and build the kite. Fly fly fly. 

with love,

Lady Rose