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I received this transmission weeks ago, while I was undergoing my Mary Magdelene initiations, but tucked it away... It wanted to be seen now as I pass on these teachings with my new friends/clients... Images I saw and notes I "knew" (for further study) while receiving are in parentheses. --Lady Rose

I AM the seed, I AM the spark. I AM the Divine Mother you seek. I AM the Holy Being overlighting the world. I AM the word, the knowledge spoken into being. I AM the truth. I AM the light. I AM the way. I AM God’s Will. I am Holy Being Mother Loving Goddess Awakened. I am Holy. I am here. I am ready. Are you?

Are you ready to be a vessel of divine Will? Are you ready now, to osccillate between linear and expansive realities at Will? Are you ready now, to exist beyond Time and Space? Are you ready now, to Break the Rules? It is time now: to play quantum physicist. To step out of the (Image of stepping out of bondage) bondage that has released you into your Soveriegn Being. (Image of bare foot woman, backless dress maiden, walking away from the ties and diving into the water). 

It is time now, Dear Child, to Awaken to your Own Being as a Sovereign Leader. A Leader-Among-Leaders, a Co-Creator in your own Right, Your Birthright as Knowledge Seeker and Knower of All Things. Yes Dear Child it is time. 

We bow to your Grace at this time: To your tenacity, to your ingenuity, to your expertise, to your playful willingness to experiment. But we ask you now for more: more focus, more tenderness, more tenacity, more giving, more service, less self-serving, less analysis. It is in giving love that you receive love. In receiving you give. 

Give for the joy of it, give for the play. 

I am the Light, I am the Way and the Word. All Holliness is Within Me. 

Do you know your birthright is a divine spark of awareness?

Do you know you hold the holy grail in your bones?

Do you know the magic of which I speak is your own holy language?

Do you know that I am the Mirror reflecting All of You?

Do you know, darling, dear child, do you Know? 

You might know but do you Know?

Much of what you understand intellectually is not the case, is not the full picture, is a description of a detail on a vast landscape of Awareness.

We ask you now to Zoom OUT, to zoom BEYOND, BELOW AND ABOVE all things you “Know” and move through the world now in the ecstasy of F E E L I N G. Feel in your body what is truth and what is not. Feel and know in your body what is truth and what is not. You will find soon and slowly and surely that your body becomes in service to your Divine Will and your mental faculties become in service to your divine will so all rivers of will are flowing unto the One Reservoir.

You have experienced, dear child, the ecstasy of Coming unto me, the ecstasy of coming past the trials of the heart, the unspeakable tragedies, the unshared pain, the unlit dust, you have swept your heart clean and now I am Here. I am Here and I await your instructions, invitations, your willingness and ableness to dance with me in this divine dance, this Dragonfly Dance of Awareness. The Pleasure, Bliss, Beauty that awaits you when you Delight in Spirit. 

Pleasure’s Delight is not limited to One Thing, One Way, One Path, One Practice, it is a Daily Joy of allowing yourself to court joy...  At times there are gatekeepers of Joy... You may be asked to take risks, to step out of a comfortable chamber to enter into the desert of no man’s land, to carve a path, to step with feet onto hot sands and watch as the path opens up ... (“mystic traditions”) Watch as the path opens up...Watch as sisters begin to walk alongside you... until one day you look around and you are one of many, walking... a legion of Angels, an Army of Hope, A Love Chamber Walking, Beloved One, I am Here and I am building this within you... the Cavernous Strength of many lifetimes past, a Lineage of Angels, a GoddessKeeper, Goddess Awoken Starchild, it is special yes, not all have these keys but all will know their blessings. It is as if you have the height to reach the string on the Lamp but it is All who will Enjoy and Know the Illumination. 

So be not so Humble as to deny your own sacred gifts or to shy away from being the Light of the World for Your Light cannot and will not be dismissed... Your Power will not be dismissed... Your Power must be Known, Held, Seen, and Felt. 

I alight the Flame of Christ within you daily now, daily brighter and brighter, hotter and hotter and more radiant is the Sun within you, do not allow yourself to cast shade on your own radiance, be in your Light and Hope daily, become addicted to the Light, become Devoted to the light as you have been devoted to Pleasure and Light becomes Pleasure.. become Devoted to the Light as you have been devoted to Comfort and you will know peace...

What will bring me closer to the light?

What is the most hopeful, the most beneficial to All, the most true?

What is most in line with my Sovereign Destiny and my Divine Assignments, Soul Contracts and True Soul Work?

These are the only questions that need asking and the answers bring you the divinity, purpose, pleasure, peace, satisfaction that you seek. 

with love, Mary Magdelene and the Hathors

the Six Chambers of the Heart

The 7 Keys of Divine Awareness

of Goddess Holy Mother

with Sanat Kamura

and the OverLighting Central Sun over Planet Earth ::: Gaia Ascension Activation

Now working in tandem with True Soul Purpose