READ, the diaries



Continue to Elevate into

to accept the Higher Grace you Deserve

to Be the Light as you seek it and Know it

Continue to treat your body as temple

Have patience and compassion for moments of dissonance and resistance, give Compassionate Care for those Holy Instances that beg for Miraculous Change

Your Knowing is Great and will stay

The Rainbow is Always there

Even when the storm obscures it.

What I Wore to Mass. When you're a mystic evangelist temple priestess who needs to cry out centuries-old fears of persecution, I recommend silk. 

What I Wore to Mass. When you're a mystic evangelist temple priestess who needs to cry out centuries-old fears of persecution, I recommend silk. 

Dearest readers,

I have been on a journey of the heart. I have received invitations and remembrances that have made clear the next years of my life and my service. I have engaged with the most delightful women and fun times in New York City -- getting to hop all over the city...from Greenpoint cafes and rooftops to Manhattan dance studios... to phone sessions from Bushwick and distance sessions from Upstate... I feel very graced and blessed to see the manifestations of months/years of dedicated work in this way.

Of course we love to brag and share accomplishments on social media but as we all know what is seen for the peak includes many climbs, pitfalls, rolling rocks, times camped out below the summit not knowing if we'll ever reach the top.

I feel like I can finally see the summit of my work with the Violet Flame, how I am to share this work with the world, how I am to give voice to the new teachings that have been flowing through me like a river.

After receiving a powerful direct initiation a few weeks ago, The Rainbow Pathkeeper Activation (more on this another time), a friend sent me a photo of the Rainbow over Niagara Falls. A stranger says he just came from there.  A Jazz band plays "Over the Rainbow" in the coffee shop I'm sitting in as if on cue. I am dancing on a rainbow bridge of synchronicity, my umbrella a flight pattern, Mary Poppins-ing my way to truth.

I am a mystic poet, awakening to the Sisterhood of Shared Destiny. Is this you too? Are you on the Goddess Path of Remembrance?

At the same time there is a deep emotional reckoning on a collective level. If you are a "healer" or wayshower you may feel it as physical pain or grief which erupts within you. Remember you are not just purging for yourself but for others. Here's a stream of consciousness/5min poem I wrote on the eve of the full moon.

17 Questions for the Moon

At times love feels out of reach. Clarity is a memory, purpose and ambition too much to muster. You feel lethargic and heavy with anger then sadness then grief then shame. Untold symptoms of an untold illness. Untold disharmonies. Do you cry for the collective? Do you cry for You? Do you cry for Gaia? Does it matter? Where is the humor in genocide? The play in apartheid and war and injustice? How can one retrieve their innocence as their grip on reality tightens? How can their consciousness expand and welcome in the Delight of Mastery Bliss Unity Consciousness while simultaneously witnessing the grotesque and the profane? Is the shadow the underbelly of a rock, all mud and maggots? Is the shadow within? What is the poetry of heart break? What is the new paradigm we are all seeking, and who is to build it? Is it a structure that begins within our hearts, like building an airplane in a garage before it takes off? Where are our wings on this holy injusticed planet? Where is the legacy of betrayal and when does it end? Where is the rupture that lead to the beast? How did greed and evil begin and where does it end? Holy mother wash me of my sins, wash me of all part I have taken in the holy injustice, cleanse me of my evil and my part in this, so I may know myself as Creator and change the world.  

...And I wonder why past lovers call me intense! :) Around these high-octane periods I get very serious, introspective and W I T C H Y. It is a gift but always a very all-hands-on-deck challenge. All day ritual, All day purging, all day cleansing. I have to remind myself to play, delight and joy, to find acceptance and grace, to find sacred resonance in the lessons that have yet to reveal themselves in clarity but are still raw, wild, and unyielding. I have to surrender to the bounty of TRUST, I have to awaken to my own sovereignty, I have to practice Remembrance over and over and over again. This is the task - not just to walk in grace when things are bubbly, light and clear, but to find grace when things are troubled, mistaken, gross, unattractive, scary and confusing. Acceptance is always difficult. Forgiveness is always humbling. Both are essential to release. 

Wanna know how I break - through? Lots of yoga, breathing. Watercolouring. Trying not to do too much carb-loading and sugar-binging. Lots of raw exhales, hisses, sighs and growls. Interpretive dancing. Sometimes, though, the most effective practice is to "JUST DO THE WORK." Do the laundry. Clean the bathroom. Call the number. Book the appointment. Whatever you've putting off until things are perfect. Just do the work, move the energy so resistance has no place to pin you to.

Whenever I finally move an obstacle, the clouds part, and my mind shifts from the matrix of fear and un-reality back to my power and purpose. I see my inner devil like a funny trickster monster spirit. He laughs and waves: "Till next time!" 

My guides and angels bow their heads with a bemused smile: "Welcome Back.".