• B R E A K F R E E •

Ascending Butterfly // original watercolour painting by Lady Rose Orca

Ascending Butterfly // original watercolour painting by Lady Rose Orca

A Channeled Message from Archangel Michael & St Germain:

Welcome, sweet ones! Welcome to a new era of soul liberation, and highest truth born into vision and materialization in the blink of an eye! Know thyself as a conscious co-creator, know thyself as a designer of legions of angels and angelic armies to come, know thyself as a renegade truth-teller, stepping forth, robed in the awareness of age-old tradition, and led from the heart of a future design. 

You are past-present-future all at once….

‘You are yours and you are mine, you are the poetry of divine design.’

I am here with you to facilitate an awakening of the heart and a liberation of the mind, the mind serving the soul instead of the other way around. You are soul beings enchained by the mind. Liberate yourself! Undo the years of dogma that have limited your abilities and understanding. This is a golden era of self-understanding and your voice is needed. Add your voice to the call, the beckoning of release from these chains of mind-control. Add your voice, your vision, your knowing, your body of knowledge and mind’s breath of awakening.

You are your own vision, you are a highest being of Light. It is a privilege and an honor to know you and to work with you.

--Archangel Michael and Count St. Germain, Keeper of the Violet Flame