Spirit of Buffalo and the Wisdom-Keepers of Earth

A Note From Lady Rose:

In today's political landscape, many are horrified at what they are seeing. Many who were once apolitical have been galvanized into action. We are all feeling the collective overwhelm of emotion: confusion, anger, and fear. 

I asked to receive a message for the collective, an offering to share with you all this week, and what came through was very interesting. The energy is more grounded and rooted than the angels and master teachers I typically work with; these are spirits of the land, the very bones of our ancestors. They mean business! They have been through the worst events you can imagine, and they know what it takes to survive.

They gave notes on where to apply our creative energies right now, how to cultivate "stamina of the activist", and ways we can envision peace while enacting it through day to day choices in our lives. They also talk about Mother Gaia, and ask us to consider her in a new light -- I found this illuminating and it is my honor to share with you here. --Lady Rose