Gabriel on the Divine Feminine and Christ

HARK! For I am Gabriel, and I bear witness to both struggle and victory within the Heart of Mary that is within you, and your sisters and collaborators on this Quest. 

We speak to the Divine Feminine Quest, but moreso to the escalation of a Divine Feminine Awakening and Balancing within the Heart of All. This is a point of confusion for many as there are layers and identities at stake, however we know you, Golden Child, have the ability to discern and dismantle and articulate this complex matter to such a degree that it will assist those around you…

In collaboration and co-hort and shared context with Lady Nada, we facilitate a re-awakening and rejuvenation of the seed or spark of Mother Mary within you and within all, within all sisters of being of Christ-Light, and we ask you to assist each other, not necessarily through the traditional means of outspoken emotion but through a internal means, with shared assistance from your Angelic “crew”, to arise and alight the flame of Christ within you.

Like a leaf in the wind, you become, when you surrender yourself to the Gaia Consciousness that is of your body and of your awareness. As Quan Yin has indicated, we ask you to embody this purpose of heart, not just for yourself but for others that will benefit. 

The fire in your heart burns bright, child, and we know you will succeed on this Quest.

Yes, my child, Christ is of many faces, of many brethren of many blend of race and stature and fact and myth. And the Heart of Christ goes beyond even Him, the man and the myth. The Heart of Christ is beyond such dalliances of Christian Mythology, the Heart of Christ is something that is far greater and beyond the comprehension. The Christ-Self and the Christ that was embodied has been embodied, in fact, in many different bodies in many different ways in many different planes through many different gurus through many different teachers through labourers through housewives and nurses and professionals and even CEOS. The heart of Christ lives on through many people, there are many miracleworkers in the world. And there is no need to glorify one man or one conceptualization of the Christ. The Christ is a concept that can be applied to any compassionate act: any act of brotherhood, any act of sisterhood, any act of humanity that forgoes judgment in favor of unity. 


A Note From Rose:

As I was coming back to my body from meditation, among the images and symbols I saw was a vision of Gabriel. I considered this an invitation, and later that night I asked him for a message. This post is pieced together and transcribed from a longer spoken transmission that included personal guidance for me. 

I have had such a profound connection to Christ as an ascended master and teacher and just down right soul-brother! But I feared sharing this as I know people have many ideas about what that means. I've been wondering how we can all re-claim our connection to Christ from what has come to be linked to oppressive religious structures and political regimes. Gabriel gladly stepped in to do this, to support the re-interpretation and re-envisioning of Christ as "Christ-Light" or Christ Consciousness.

He also had notes on the purpose of the reclaiming feminine movement as it has been occurring in our culture since the 70s. When he says "we ask you to assist each other, not necessarily through the traditional means of outspoken emotion but through a internal means" I see this as meaning now is not the time to just emotionally purge (I'm thinking of the many tear-filled Goddess circles I have both shared in and facilitated), but to step up beyond the victimhood and the wounding and rise to the occasion of being a sacred container and conduit for the divine. This requires an inner-mastery and maturity and confidence, which to me is true grace.

Goddess work was a huge part of my coming-of-age, but there came a time when I was guided to not only empower the feminine, but to empower the masculine within me as well. In doing this, ironically, the feminine expression and priestesshood within me only got stronger, as if a foundation was laid to support a wider vessel. 

As I see it Gabriel's overall point is that the Divine Mother (Mother Mary) and the Christ Consciousness are inextricably linked -- that to reawaken the feminine (as often symbolized by the moon) fully you must also reawaken the light of the "sun". Both are working together, forever nourishing each other as mother and son, and this harmony supports peace on earth.

It was a pure joy to receive this -- and I couldn't believe it when he first spoke -- angels actually do say "Hark"! --Lady Rose