The Psychic Womb: Messages from the Water Part 2

Many well-intentioned healers, seekers and lovers come to the water to offer their praises and blessings of protection. What they don't know is that there are already instilled in the water, in the lands and the jurisdiction of every county, every lake. In every body of water, there are Earth and Water protectors. There are Keepers of the Earth Air Fire Water that have been assigned to that realm and region.

So rather than petitioning the water for blessings or directing your energies or intentions to the water, it is asked that you first respect and care and bring your attention to the Guardians and Protectors that are already present.

You, the Wisdom-Keepers of a new generation, are great warriors and your work is needed. And action and expression is surely needed.

But we ask you now to first listen.

To ask questions.

To speak to Gaia as if she were a regal woman of your knowing, a Grandmother you respect, a Mother you adore, a Sister and a Child that you look out for. Hold space for her great wide knowing in a way that exceeds your own desires or petitions for grace. As we see it, you have already been given everything -- and you destroy it before your own eyes, and then cry for help and care after you have burned the ship and are drowning. We do not want you to drown. We want you to survive. But we can only work alongside you, we cannot work against each other and at odds with our forces of activation any longer. 

It is time for the intelligent and awoken among you, the ones who have ears to hear and eyes to see, to be a true advocate for the water insofar as you respect and bow to the high psychic intelligence that already exists within Nature, within Her. This is what we do, and we rest in the palm of eternal grace. However we watch with glossy eyes, shaking our heads if we were embodied to do so, remiss that you have not yet learned the ways of your true elders. 

These generations now... These families and lineages now... This is not about race or class or country of origin... It is not about skin tone... It is not about the gate of your laugh or the way of your walk... this is about mutual respect and connection.

Why do you continue to deny yourself the knowing that is your birthright?

Why do you continue to live in self-denial of that which is abundant within you?

All that you need is provided for you at birth. And yet you ask for more, hungry and crying.

All that you need is already here. Yet you have convinced yourself all needs changing and revision.

Growth is an organic outcome of nature in its finest state. You do not need to push or force growth any more than the woman needs to push while the baby is still in the womb. There is only a few moments of pushing; there is months of holding, receiving, care-taking. 

We ask you now to be caretakers for a rebirth of the earth. To allow yourself the space and the deserving within your own wombs, within your sacred and psychic chambers of the heart, the psychic womb -- to birth a new vision in collaboration with us and all the beings and higher associated "investors" and energetic masters working on your behalf. Intergalactic, yes, and deeply rooted too. Ancient and Futuristic all at once. Psychosomatic-Psychic-Soma-Psychopomp Wonder of a New Generation.

There are limitless possibilities.

It is true we can't do this alone. We do need you and your gifts. But we need you to respect us first.