Shiva Mantra for 3rd Eye Clearing

My Kundalini teacher Hari Prakaash says the most powerful way to practice a mantra is with your own voice. She suggested we make our own recordings to play while we sleep. 

Please enjoy this Om Namah Shivaya for 3rd Eye Clearing after readings, or general cleansing and protection anytime you need to transmute an irritation and return to source. It invokes Shiva, god of war* and a persistent voice of enlightenment and Christhood on this planet.

This particular mantra was taught to me by my yoga teachers Lily Goncalves & Ramananda Mayi. 

Use for a brief seated meditation or play on repeat in the background during another activity. Then, you might like to make your own, so you can let your own voice guide you.

(*In the sense that there is only one war: the war of the ego against the True Self. All conflict between good and evil occurs first within the self, and when evil prevails it is manifested as tragedy and disorder on the earthly plane.)