2017 Year Ahead Report From the Angelic Council

"There are no highs and lows as you speak, only concentric circles, ever-widening, ever-growing, ever-birthing. Death, destruction, loss, failure, these are circles back to whence you came. These re-visitations and re-ignitions serve not only to teach lessons and to bear witness and to take responsibility, but also to recover treasures lost along the way. As if you were running down the path and dropped gold at the forest floor, so you would retrace the path to find the gold you lost.

So when we pull you back to the past, it is not as judgment, but so in slaying the dragons of old caves, you may find the treasures that lurk beneath and behind.

It is the gold of the past and the future that you will use in the present moment to produce the alchemical texts and plays and connections and imaginations and dreams that have begun as a vision in the front of your conscious mind. 

There is a need now, children, to look into your “storage facilities” of your mental capacity and use the tools that are there waiting for you, even if they have not been used for some time. To take advantage of these mechanical devices and the thinkings and doings and makings of this realm in order to facilitate the actualization of your dreams.

You are all walking together at an accelerated pace now. We are so joyful and so blissful and welcoming. We’ve been calling you one by one, but now you are being called to merge with the angelic realms. 

Those on a spiritual quest are still carrying their wounds like they are trophies but the wounds are the garbage, the coal, the raw material to be transmuted. It is advantageous to share the weight with others in your community, as we all carry the same burden just from varying angles.

There is a two-direction force happening, a “soul retrieval” of receiving treasures lost in the past, and a transmutation of old wounds that propels you forward into the future.

By the sun and the moon and stars,

by the air and the sea,

we already see you as me.

We are your mirror,

we are your truth.

What feels like “ascension” is only a remembering. 

What feels like an “acceleration” is your natural pace.

When you fall back into past habits, what feels like a “reversion” is an intrusion, a resistance, a falsehood. As you practice, as you come to know yourself better, these momemnts of intrusion will become lesser and lesser. And you will feel more comfortable being at the accelerated pace which is your true nature. 


With love and light,

Your Angelic Council"