We are all co creating an entrepreneurial paradigm that is about individual input and collaborative team building. It is about allowing your inner light to shine and being seen for what makes you uniquely you, the sacred gifts you were born with - the uniqueness that probly made you a liability as a child will be your greatest asset now. Don't worry about what others think in comparing themselves to you because you are a renegade world shifter changemaker visionary thinker.

CEOS will be obselete. There will be Empresses of Empires (thanks to my friend Elisa for that phrase), Queens of Queendoms, sovereignty and leadership yes but there will not be hierarchy. There will be planetary orbits :: a main celestial body that is orbited by other celestial bodies, all things in their wholeness but all in equalness neither higher nor lower.

Be in your sovereignty now for your grace is your greatest teaching. Be in your being-ness and your blissness but not at the expense of others. Be in your humility to the degree that you are unafraid to bend at the knee, but not to the level that you sacrifice your own sovereign gifts for some misguided humbleness. You hiding your sacred light is not humble it is selfish. Playing small helps no one. Self victimization does not help the very real victims of war, poverty, abuse, disenfranchisement. Your self victimhood and self imposed guilt and shame will not alchemize a new reality of peace.

You must rise up in the pride and power of being who you are, your sovereign birthright as a divine cocreator, the knowing within you that realizes itself as a child of God, knows nothing less and nothing more than the infinity and equality that is Being Human. 




"I accept this situation in all its good greatness and challenge.
I accept this situation in its grand unfoldment.
I allow this situation to unfold according to my greatest divine potential and the greatness of all situations, all beings, all constellations involved.
I understand that this situation has been divinely ordained for my own growth, and I understand that it is asking of me something that is required for growth. And I stand in my sovereignty and I allow myself to be in that growth. And I accept the wisdom healing and coaching guidance that is available to me that is leading me into where I need to be, where I need to go, what I need to do, who I need to see, whom I need to be now. And this is not a sacrifice but simply a realization. And an acceptance of What Is.

If something is streaming out of your life, allow it to stream out. If something is streaming in, allow it to stream in. Allow this to occur. You need not fumble grasp or force anything. You need not design or overly strategize.

And if there are resistances in
oneself to knowing oneself as Love, as Savior, as Sovereign Grace Realized, as Rescuer, as Master, than Know Oneself as Grace in Humble servitude, and you will know Renewed Grace and Rejuvenation of Self."

the diaries


unicorn ascension, watercolour painting by Lady Rose 

unicorn ascension, watercolour painting by Lady Rose 

Today I woke up with that question in my head. So what happened? When did you first learn to play it small? Was it another child, a parent, a role model, an idol, a sibling? Who put your hand on the dimmer switch, told you you're better off playing it safe, playing it cool? 

Fuck that! You are a supreme light being sent from the corners of the universe to SHINE. 

For me it was the cool clique in dance class... or the cool clique in my homeschool group... or the cool clique in college... etc etc etc. I've always floated between many social groups and got along with lots of different types of people. The nerdy art kids, the cool music kids, the peacemakers, the renegades, the travelers... but one of the persistent themes with all of them is that I rarely if ever showed what I was really up to.

The magic, the art making, it all stayed stowed away in boxes marked "emotional cleansing." I shared my ideas and my judgments, never my creations and my vulnerabilities. I shared my theories and ideals, but never my regrets and hurts.

As my akashic guides & the ascended masters coach me on this turning point in my life, of taking a more public approach to my work, my writing, and my inner teachings, everything is changing. 

I used to think I had to have all the answers; to uphold some kind of ideal of Mastery in order to be an effective leader and teacher. Now I realize that it is in sharing our vulnerabilities that we have our greatest strength. Here's the kinds of things they tell me:

just your friendly neighborhood starseed <3

just your friendly neighborhood starseed <3

"ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE SEEN: the wounded warrior, the courageous warrior, it is in that that is your Grace. The True Flowering of Life within You. What is Sacred may also be painful... it is Sacred to be human..."

Now I realize the gifts and ideas and questions and answers that come through me are bigger than me, they serve a higher purpose, and it's keeping it all inside that is selfish, not expressing it. 

My quest now as a writer/teacher/speaker, author is to, every day, recommit to no longer surpressing my voice -- as I said to a friend recently, "Yes, I am a channel for angels, ascended masters, and all manners of weird and wild Akashic Guides and various planes of existence.... I'm also a 29-year-old girl on Tinder.".... :) I can hold all sorts of dichotomies now. Can others? That's up to them. But I'm no longer going to try to shrink myself down into a box that can you can label. I am labelless and undefinable, and so are you.

with love, Lady Rose xx


You Are An Artist

by nature of being a Creator Being

You are God-given


We All have gifts

We ARE a gift.


As divinely-led Creator Beings we each have a sacred gift, a pathway that is essential for the healing trajectory of this planet. When you unite your will in tandem with your Destiny Point.... all things are possible.

What work are you awaiting, holding aloft until "the right time", "the right way"?

Perhaps, destiny is waiting for you.

There is a Unified Field of Consciousness available to you.... a Vast Field of awareness.... endless bounty and creativity... Delight in the Musehood and the Inspiration that lies there....

Attach not your ideas... Do not give OWNERSHIP before there is even SELF-ACCEPTANCE.

The process of creativity is to draw down something, to draw inwardly something that feels external but is of course in and of you already. If it is in your consciousness you can build it into form.

As you reach into this portal.... as a hand reaches into a body of water hanging in the sky... you can access many gifts.

This is a Garden of Earthly Delights. It is a bounty of Heavenly Kingdom proportions.

There is no limit to what you can create. There is no ownership, no identity, no distinction between Self and Other. It is all US and it is all OURS.

Have you ever had an idea and then seen it manifest through another person almost immediately?

Have you ever held an idea in trust... thinking or waiting to do it... and then you see it take shape through another person, close to you? 

How frustrating, yes? 

This is not a lesson in thievery or theft or responsibility or taking action... but a reminder that as a continuum of Spirit... as a Shared Soul... as part of something greater... an Aspect of One Great Soul... we Are All uniting in tandem with this "collective consciousness", as it is called, to realize greater and greater creativity manifestations.

What are you holding in the sidelines waiting to perform?

What you waiting in the wings to do before a light shines on you to do so?

What if you are the spotlight you seek?

What if you are the playing field, and the game, and the players?

Go forth now and do as ye will. Make the abundance necessary and make the essential creativity. Make the sustenance and support you need be anchored in the truth of your heart's reality. Wait not for the support and build the kite. Fly fly fly. 

with love,

Lady Rose


the diaries


I began leading Goddess events in 2014, as an outpouring of my own inner experiences of divine feminine healing. One in particular comes up often.

It’s summer 2015 and I’m bowing on my knees to the Goddess on the cold tile floor of my Bushwick apartment.  “May I take the form I am meant to take,” I prayed. At the time I thought this was a weight loss prayer -- I was carrying 50-60 pounds of excess weight from anti-depressant side effects and an emotional addiction to carb-loading--But now I realize it was more than that.

It was a prayer to embody my sovereign destiny, a prayer to dismiss all the holdings and inner judgments that were manifesting, in one form, as a body that was less mobile and less excited about life than I wished.

“May I take the form I am meant to take.”

A prayer to stop hiding, stop dimming my light, stop living at half-mast, leave behind comfort-foods and comfort-relationships and step beyond my edge -- where there was great power, wonder, and experience of true happiness.

Thanks to Mama Kali, vegetarianism and meditation, the pounds did leave me over the next two years. I take so much pride in my body now not simply as an object of desire, but in a sensual and spiritual way - this is my temple, and it IS the body of the Goddess, my totally unique piece of the juicy pie that is Gaia that I am borrowing for safekeeping until it returns to She in another 55 years or so (I will die at 84, according to a psychic I visited once on St. Mark’s Place).

I am here to embody my inner Goddess so you can embody yours. Together we embody the great Goddess and dance in the bliss of Oneness.

This isn't about beauty standards. It's about those of us that hold onto our emotional baggage in the form of extra weight. It's about how we hold ourselves back from living the lives we deserve.

We teach the medicine we need the most.

As mothers of a new paradigm, we hold the task of Clearing our womb-space from the shame and the well of untapped emotion that leads to our addictive and self-defeating behaviors. We must find healthy expressions, artistic and active destinations for our molten-lava anger and 10,000-league sadness. We bear the suffering of our ancestors, and they share with us their gifts. It is a sacred honor and using our sacred gifts of lightwork and multi-dimensional healing, we activate group portals of healing and goddess which ripples out into our families, communities, and the world.

We do not shy away from the darkest aspects of ourselves, no -- we USE it to alchemize our greatest fears into our greatest attributes. We understand the cosmic interplay of dark and light and we use it to our advantage. Not for selfish means, not to realize external success, but to understand and revolutionize the patterns of thinking that have dominated modern thought for centuries and kept us all from experiencing our true nature. We do it to revolutionize our care and keeping of Mother Earth -- and therefore, the care and keeping of our own bodies.

This is why I do Goddess Work.

Stepping onto the Goddess path, the Spiral path, Shakti Awakening, the Temple of Bliss that is YOUR SACRED HEART is an awakening like no other. It is not easy and it is not always light and breezy. (“Priestessin’ ain’t easy” has been my mantra this week after some particularly heavy-lifting this full moon.) It can be daunting, full of sacrifices and deep purgings. But it is so worth it. We must learn to trust, to surrender, to allow ourselves to take the form we are meant to take -- and then bravely BE THAT for all to see.

Wherever you come from, whatever your background is, whatever your ideals are, you are home here -- You are a “Sister of the Rose” and you WILL NOT FAIL.

My prayers for you:

May you find the TRUTH of your own body, the TRUTH that lays behind the self-sabotage, beyond the self-muting and self-minimizing and self-destruction that is keeping you comfortable. May you find the TRUE POWER that is your birthright, and LIVE it.

May you walk in the truth of your sovereign destiny.

May you take the form you are meant to take.

And so it is.


Lady Rose xx


In Heavenly Remembrance ::: Stargate Transmission

I AM the way, the Law and the Word... You have heard these terms before, have you not?

You have felt the Holy Grail in your blood and bones, have you not?

We return now to an Era of Sovereignty, a mass global awakening on an unprecedented level.

It is possible for us now all to elevate into a Greater Understanding of Purpose - of that which Is True Now, Evermore, Forever.

Past-Present-Future Histories align and combine in Holy Resonance to reveal the truth.

You reunite with former lovers... life partners... Holy Unions Combine to give weight, depth, and intention to all Sacred Undertakings. You align with your partner and your brothers and sisters. You align with your family on every level: Your Soul Family in the Stars, Your Blood Family on the Ground, Your Soul Sisters and Brothers in the Ground, Your Ancestral Awareness. The Whispers of Trees and the Soil.

We are with you now, dear child, guarding and guiding you on this process... the Journey to Awakening.... Not Awakening as a Fixed Point... but Awakening others... (Image of a priestess walking along a path, and each person she walks by transforms through Her Presence)


When you do not --when you are in resistance to it, for whatever reason, be it soul-level, blood-level or ground-level, you will know un-peace and un-rest in your psyche.

How are you resisting your soul’s mission now?
What is being asked of you to recieve blessings now?

What are you being asked to LET GO OF? What are you being asked to RECEIVE?

Challenging questions as they are they will make it so much easier to know Fluidity and a State of Being of Grace.

To KNOW YOURSELF as God or Divine or Goddess... This is not an egoic, posturing Messiah Complex. This is simply an enactment of a State of Being that you have known for centuries. You are a Divine Feminine Gateway and have been for a millenia. You have known Holy Resonance through the ages and your wombspace is a Keeper of Secrets. You are the holder of Divine Delights, of Heavenly Awareness and Celestial Undertakings that are no longer pinned to time, space, deity or distinction.

We know you as Co-Creator for we have designed this plan with you... We are your Intergalactic Team yes, but WE are also YOU. Know yourself as Co-Creator now by REMEMBERING THAT YOU EXIST SIMULTANEOUSLY IN THE HIGHER REALMS AS YOU DO IN THE ‘LOWER’ OR ENACTMENT PLACES.

There are places of design and there are places of enactment... They are holy heavenly frequencies and there are “satanic” or “devilish”, evil places where true evil and torture exists on your earthly Plane. The task now is to ameliorate all suffering. It is to align and anchor Heavenly Bodies within the space of the Earth so that ALL of EARTH can be elevated to this Enactment of Co-Creation, Co-Creator-ship.

Call it a divine Play.... An orchestral organization of Selfhood Across Time and Space... This is a Star Trek experience... This is a deep remembering... This is a Holy Alliance beyond Time and Space.

Know your Life Partner as someone who is here to spark your fire and you his. Know your Life Partner as someone who is there as both kindling and flame, both fireplace and firestarter. Both the snuffer and the wood. Both the vessel, the chalice and the blade. Both sword and sheath. Both Key and Feather.

We are knowing ourselves now as beyond Gender Distinctions, beyond heavenly awareness in BODY TYPES. We allow ourselves to be seen in Glorious Form as variant aspects of Each Other, no more OTHER except when in Psyche Matrix Unrealities. There is no more other. You ARE each other. You ARE WE and WE are YOU.

This is too mystical for you? This is only the beginning. Is this too out there, too much of a stretch, too much of a Realization for your feeble mind? Allow your Mind to Expand. Your mind is not a stagnant place. It is not a machine to be tweaked, fixed and programmed. It is not a container to be filled. Your mind is an ever-expanding matrix of healing and delight. It can be used for purposes of fulfillment or used for purposes of destruction. It can be used to control and manipulate others or it can be used to celebrate and uplift. It is a divine tool that can be used for evil means. It is your choice.

Use the POWER OF THE MIND now.... Use the POWER OF THE MIND to ACTIVATE and INSTILL within yourself a HOLY STATE OF BEING. This means that all “Mundane” tasks are now infused with a lightness and a gratitude. It means all “exciting” tasks can now be elevated to an even higher status of being one-with-all-that-is. So no one task, activity, undertaking, human doing or being can be elevated over Another. and in Doing so you also elevate the characters in your life... You elevate the roles you play... You elevate Each Other by REMEMBERING your task in this life. To be in equaniminity, shared Leadership, Co-Creatorship Divine Feminine Uprising.

The Uprising of the Divine Feminine now is not a genderless quest nor a gendered one. It is a state of being that is united with masculine and feminine. Through uniting the masculine and feminine polarities within all we know peace. We are still sweeping the well, clearing the well, healing the mind and healing the world of the effects of “patriarchy”, “toxic masculinity” and so forth.

The New Masculine is an alliance of Heaven and Earth, a new Feminine Rising in Union with Female & Male Counterparts. It is both beyond gender and of both genders. It is a tri-ad of heavenly father, mother and holy spirit. It is beyond and both and neither. It is a holy union of “Self”, “other”, and All.

Know Yourself as Co-creator of this Heavenly Union... Know Yourself as Completed and Completing of the Task at hand... Focus on the task at hand... Allow all things to flood, filter into, infuse into your dealings this Divine Quest... and all will be well in your life always and evermore.


In heavenly remembrance with your divine origins.

Your Intergalactic Gatekeepers and Gateways to the 9th Dimensional Heavenly Awareness

Heavenly Bodies instilled with Celestial Delights

Anchor Points Realized

Violet Flame Journey Begins

and so it is Amen

Aho Blessed be

Rainbow Keepers Warriorship of 8th-Dimensional Awareness Heavenly Bodies

Mayan Origins -- Mayan Gatekeepers -- Welcome Wagon of the Starport Gate


READ, the oracles

Know Your Grace

Greetings Dear Ones! We come to you live and ready to serve the 3-dimensional awareness of your Mind-State Being. There are low-vibrational entites, energies of lower density leaving you, yes... but this story is more... This story is unfolding now... as we speak, across many timelines.

I see you anchored now, anchored now in your sovereignty but there is more...

There is something else, someone else,

a shadow lurking behind you.

Who is it?

Who is this shadow?

Is this your own low self-worth?

Your own persistence that things can’t be “good”, “in flow”, “happy”, all of the time? That life could not be consistently joyful? This does not mean you never experience, see or witness anger, sadness or fear, but you SEE it and KNOW it, feel and HEAR it for what it is - a Call for Love, and nothing more. An action, a direction, an INVITATION to LOVE! What could be greater or more darling, than an invitation to love, yet another holy letter to answer, a place to direct your wise teachings and holy grace? 

What is this resistance in you toward knowing your Grace daily?

What holds you back from living a life of power and purpose?

How are you, a free human, willfully and willingly tying your own hands behind your back?

Use your hands now, to touch your body, touch your skin, remind yourself of your next-of-kin. Remind yourself you are a constellation, within the Family of Light, a larger constellation of awareness that is activating Planetary Awareness for All.

Remind yourself daily, when caught in the chains of mind-control, remind yourself daily to B R E A K FREE.

In BREAKING FREE! You know your sovereignty. In BREAKING FREE! You know your grace.

You cannot get others to break you free... you can only release yourself.

Others are simply the reflection of your own Heart’s True Awakening. If your heart is still clinging, holding onto baggage of the past or a persistent viewpoint of the future and what it is supposed to be, you will know error and disruption.

Allow yourself to Surrender to What is. Surrender to the Unknown and the Unknowing. Surrender to the Grace and the Chaos. Allow the Mess to splatter, splash and play like waves and pools of water at your feet. Be a Child now. Know your grace.

READ, the diaries


The bed is skin and fur and cave. 

The room is a mermaid fairy temple: a earth and water habitat where air and fire spin thru the ether with song, story and chime. Bring fresh flowers, purples and blues, classic. Inviting warm bodies and light eyes: the dreamscapes and earnest seekers, the calm and the nature, the innocently wise. 

Twinkling lights and lo lamps. A haze of smoke in the breeze. Rich textures and comfort/- care in order, care to keep the space sacred and welcome. Smells like sandalwood, young thang  ylang. Chamomile, vanilla. Lavender and rose as a beauty Friday touch. Red velvet on occasion. A burst of yellow to excite.