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"We ask you now to hold compassion for those dark souls for they have not yet beared witness to the Grace Within ... We ask you to hold compassion even when it is most difficult, for your contempt for the fruition of violence in others is equal to the contempt you hold for the seeds of violence within yourself..."

"All balances on the scales of cosmic justice. If not this life than next. If not through one, then through another. All souls see the feather of M’aat. There is no need for revenge or redemption in a totality world awareness where all beings are equal and united. We know this truth is painful and seems cruel but it is fair and beyond the laws and courts of man."


This was a spontaneously received transmission that explains crime and compassion under universal law, and implores us to investigate the ways prejudice influences our evaluations of others and ourselves. --Lady Rose

All proceeds from this micro-book are donated to Liberation Prison Yoga, a New York organization that provides meditation and asana classes to the incarcerated. 

PDF download. 1100+ words, 7 letter-sized pages.

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